The J Beverly Hills product line was created by Juan Juan of Beverly Hills over two decades ago, when Juan Juan dreamed of making his mark on Hollywood.  Juan Juan was able to create a name for himself within the Hollywood elite by providing incomparable service and demonstrating a personal business model of hard work, intense artistry, and dazzling styles.  Today his exclusive hair treatment line employs over 200 people.  As well, Juan Juan is known for the exceptional attention he gives to the stylists who offer his line to their clients.  Benefit from his vision and experience by choosing the J Beverly Hills line of hair care products for your salon.

We can help you repair the four levels of damage that hair suffers from.  Cuticular damage, moisture deprivation, protein loss, and elasticity loss can be cured, and your clients will be amazed at the difference all natural products can make to their healthy hair.

The J Beverly Hills line of products are featured in the best hair salons around the world, and they’re now available to you to provide a product for your quality minded clients.

Let my success be your success

My success as a professional hairdresser was based simply on my desire to immerse every client in an atmosphere of luxury, glamour, an sophistication. My commitment to salon owners — who are the true believers — is to share that success. To motivate and inspire your passion, I have created J BEVERLY HILLS CONCEPT; a partnership program that forms long lasting relationships with independent salons by empowering them with the elements that have been essential to my success.